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Odyssean Ensemble
Church recording
Union Chapel
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The music of the Renaissance is one of most pure musics ever written, it has the powerful vibration of what is considered a natural pitch, this difference of distances between intervals is probably one of the things that makes music theme float from one chord to the other in a bright way. 


Ignacio is a producer and recording engineer based in London, Musician of the year Latin UK AWARDS winner 2019. In 2020 Ignacio was admitted to the Guild of Musicians & Singers as a Fellow. He also made and Honorary Fellow of the North & Midlands School of Music for his outstanding contribution to the world music both as performer and audio engineer.

Presented as a soloist guitarist at Indian National theatre and Babylon Great Theatre. Produced a wide number of audio recordings that have been released at Nonclassical, Orpheus, ARC, Naxos of America, Orchid Classics, Drama Musica and others. Graduated as Choir Master and currently working in the development of different music festivals such as Ketevan World Sacred Music Festival (India), Babylon Festival (Iraq), London Strings Festival and intensely with a number of performers of classical and Early Music. Collaborations with the British Museum, Royal College of Music and the Guildhall School, producing also a number of albums at the iconic Abbey Road Studios and has worked for six years in the Latin American Baroque Festival of Buenos Aires. 


In the time I worked as a choir conductor I always had the image of sitting at a console controlling the set up of every parameter, the difference was that instead of buttons I was using my hands to adjust de texture, dynamics, pitch, tempo and accents.


Capturing the sound as natural as possible as if it was being played in front of me is an exciting challenge. Helping making the musicians relax in their comfortable position, focusing on playing great music.

St Matthias Church
Euncho Yeom Album Production
St Marylebone Church - London
James Welland Pianist Recording
Abbey Road 2017
Leo G Alcalá, Ignacio Lusardi M & Juan M Lusardi
Pennylane - Liverpool
Cristina García Banegas Album Recording
At Abbey Road Studios
London 2017
Abbey Road Studio 3
Michael Poll Album Production - Bach Suites
Mela Quartet - Recording Session
St John`s Church London
St Mary's Walthamstow
Wilde Roses Album Production
Lux Musicae London - Barbican
London 2018
Pennylane - Liverpool
Cristina García Banegas Album Recording
St James Church London
Live Recording:
Lisa Kiriarty
Toby Carr
Aileen Henrry
Baluji Shrivastav OBE - Recording
Holy Trinity Church
Renos Efstathiou - classical guitarist
Marriage of Figaro Opera Recording
Goodenough College - London 2018
Basílica María Auxiliadora 2015
Organ Recording.
Will Todd - Westminster 2017
Westminster Cathedral Hall
Assad Duo Performance
Duke's Hall - London 2018
Tower of London Chapel 2017
Assad Duo at Duke's Hall - London
Bolivar Hall - London
Leo Brouwer, Steve Goss & John Williams
Buenos Aires Cathedral
Cristina Garcia Banegas Organ Recording.
St Marylebone
London July 2018
Goodensemble Orchestra 2016
Guildhall School - London 2014
Ensemble Moliere
Live Recording
Southburgh Festival
Buenos Aires Cathedral
Cristina Garcia Banegas Organ Recording.
Piano Recording
Juan Manuel de Falla Conservatoire
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Stoke Newington, London, UK


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St Marylebone

London July 2018