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“..a fabulous performer and collaborator…” 


"what is great about Ignacio is not only that he has Duende but the precision and tone of his guitar playing makes him deliver his music with great resonance and feeling. His willingness to explore out of his comfort zone and reach out to other cultures and sonorities speaks to his character."

Phil Manzanera

A flamenco guitar maestro…” 

International Times, Italy

“Ignacio accrued a huge number of votes… testament to the respect he commands” 

Latin UK Awards 

  • Apple Music - White Circle
  • Spotify - White Circle
  • Amazon - White Circle

Artist Overview

Born in Buenos Aires Ignacio Lusardi Monteverde is a guitarist and music producer based in London.

Musician of the year Latin UK AWARDS 2019 winner. Made Doctor of J H Pestalozzi University and Honorary Fellow of the North & Midlands School of Music for his outstanding contribution to world music both as audio engineer and performer.

He has been presented as a soloist guitarist at Indian National theatre and Babylon Great Theatre. Produced a wide number of audio recordings that have been released at Pixaudio, Nonclassical, First Hands Records, Orpheus, ARC Music, Naxos, Orchid Classics, Drama Musica and others. Graduated as Choir Master and has worked  in the development of different music festivals such as Ketevan World Sacred Music Festival (India), Babylon Festival (Iraq), London Strings Festival and intensely with a number of performers of classical and Early Music. Collaborations with the British Museum, Royal College of Music and the Guildhall School, producing also a number of albums at the iconic Abbey Road Studios and has worked for six years in the Latin American Baroque Festival of Buenos Aires.

Ignacio performances include collaborations with Ahmed Mukhtar Oud Master, Olcay Bayir, Lux Musicae, Baluji Shrivastav OBE, Eduardo Niebla and live appearances on BBC Radio 3, Mumbai NCPA, London Festival of Baroque Music, St George's Bristol, Stroud Green Festival, Liverpool Early Music Festival and others. 

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National Theatre Bombay. (NCPA)
Flamenco Meets Maqam
Babylon Great Theatre
In Tune BBC 3
Latin UK AWARDS 2019
Recording with Gao Hong
Latin UK AWARDS Musician of the year Nom
London Live TV
London Festival of Baroque Music
Abbey Road 2017
In Tune BBC3
Bahrain Concert
Stroud Green Festival 2019
St Agustin Ruins Old Goa (India)
Ketevan Festival Old Goa (India)
Babylon 2017
Old Church - London 2017
Gaia Festival
Iraq Babylon
Green Note
London Strings Festival
Monteverde's London Studio
St Agustin Ruins Old Goa (India)
St Agustin Ruins Old Goa (India)
Salon Azul. (Buenos Aires)
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Rondeña Interlude

Ignacio Lusardi Monteverde
Rondeña Interlude
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Rondeña Interlude
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Rondeña Interlude

Ignacio Lusardi Monteverde
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Ignacio Lusardi Monteverde
Ignacio Lusardi Monteverde - Pueblo Blanco
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Ignacio Lusardi Monteverde - Pueblo Blanco

Ignacio Lusardi Monteverde
Anchor 3

Crowne Plaza auditorium Bahrain

Duo with Ahmed Mukhtar (28 February, 2015)

Iraq, Babylon Festival For international Cultures and arts (May 2015)

Babylon Festival For international Cultures and arts, Iraq. (10-20th May 2016)

Mumbai with Mumbai, India. Chamber Orquesta Concierto de Aranjuez (23 August 2015)

Old Goa Ketevan festival, India. With Ahmed Mukhtar (10 February 2017)

Old Goa Ketevan Festival, India, (23 February 2019)

Green Note, London - Album Launch (7 March 2019)

London Festival of Baroque Music

The Secrets of Andalusia (18 May 2019)


Stroud Green Festival, London

(15th June 2019)

Mossley Hill Church Liverpool - Flamenco Guitar Solos. (13 July 2019)

BBC Radio 3 In Tune  (31 Aug 2019)

La Clave Festival, London. Abraham Carmona & Ignacio L Monteverde

London (03 August 2019)

St John's Hoxton - Baluji Shrivastav OBE & Ignacio L Monteverde London

(03 August 2019)

Liverpool Early Music Festival - The Secrets of Andalusia (27th September 2019 )

St George's Bristol - The Secrets of Andalusia (16th October 2019)

Lancaster Arts - Concert Series

With Goa University Choir (16th July 2020)

The Regent Hall (22nd Apr 2023)

BBC Radio 3 In Tune  (24th Apr 2023)

The Old Church London -  SHMS

Ahmed Mukhtar & Ignacio L Monteverde

(30th Apr 2023) 

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Stoke Newington, London, UK

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